Plate Inspiration

Here is a recent collaboration with beautiful ceramics from Dasa’s Pottery.

The good thing about hand-made dishes is that they are not like blank canvas, but they already have a story, so you need to keep with it when you fill them up. These were great, as I usually start thinking about the dish when I already have a recipe.

This time the dishes were the source of inspiration, each one found their perfect meal spring meal: Terracota clay with soft blue glaze found place for grilled mushrooms with wild garlic and pancetta, colourful first leaves salad just fit in big beige bowl and milk panna cotta with honey and bee pollen.




Mushrooms with Wild Garlic and Pancetta


First spring salad



Milk Panna Cotta with Honey & Bee Pollen




Bad conscious after taste

You know the feeling: you want it so bad, it is right there, you already smell it, crave it, feel the texture in your mouth and the taste taking over. “O, what tha heck…” and it’s down the throat. Once the urge has been sattled, and the demanding ego is taking a restful nap, the super ego starts decelerate a monologue with obvious discontent voice. Monologue of “how could you do it, you promised never again and you know how this will end up”. The guilt taking on extra points of regret.

It’s no coincidence that Maslow’s scale of needs and seven deadly sins have basic correlation – our drives and urges. Basically, you could say that a need becomes sinful once you already reach higher on Maslow’s hierarchy and yet still feel the first level needs are not satisfied. Let’s say when you are full up to your neck  and yet still want that last piece of cake, with ice cream on top of course. Or, when you are willing to trade higher level needs for the basic ones, for example safety for lust or self-esteem for gluttony. Priorities are our heaviest decision making scale weight. No, I’m not talking about guilt calorie counting, it’s about garlic. The thing you desire but regret half an hour later and even the day after. If you happen to stumble on certain close relation without gum, the regret of sinful bite is even greater.

I tried to make wild garlic more innocent by wrapping it in pure white ravioli form. Didn’t help though, with the guilt, nor with the breath. But it was worth it.

ravioli wild garlic

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 3 leaves of wild garlic
  • olive oil
  • salt

Put flour in the bowl, break the eggs in the middle. Slowly mix together, once well incorporated add water. Allow to rest for 20 minutes, covered. In the mean time chop the wild garlic leaves and mix with ricotta an pinch of salt. Then roll the dough out cut it with round cutter, will with ricotta mix, seal well. Cook raviolis in boiling water until they start to float on top. Serve drizzled with olive oil and garnish with remaining chopped wild garlic.


Čisto zares

Spomladansko sveže tukajle poganja nov blog, namenjen kulinaričnim dogodivščinam v moji miniaturni kuhinji in po svetu. Kot se spodobi za začetek je prvi recept za juho – iz korenin peteršilja, zapečenih v pečici, da se poudari blag okus peteršilja in sladkobo korenin. Čistilne sposobnosti peteršilja dopolni še žlička sveže nabranega čemaža v olju.

Čemaževo olje

Šop čemaža operemo, nasekljamo, prelijemo z olivnim oljem in stremo v terilniku, ali pa si pomagamo z mešalnikom, da dobimo drobno mlete liste. V dobro zaprtem kozarcu, hranimo v hladilniku.

Juha iz zapečenih korenin peteršilja

Za dve osebi 8-9 velikih korenin peteršilja operemo in skrtačimo pod vodo. Pečico ogrejemo na 180ºC, korenine narežemo na tanjše kose, dodamo prerezano čebulo in dva strta česna. V pekaču prelijemo z olivnim oljem in dobro premešamo. Pečemo 45 minut, medtem pripravimo pribl. 3/4 litra zelenjavne jušne osnove: 2 velike jušne žlice narezanega gomolja zelene, ščepca belega popra in soli. Ko zelenjavna osnova nekaj časa vre, ji dodamo pečene korenine peteršilja s česnom in čebulo. Pustimo, da vre par minut, da se okusi premešajo in korenine še dodatno zmehčajo. Juho v mešalniku ali s paličnim mešalnikov temeljito spasiramo v gladko juho. Preden postrežemo, okrasimo s čemaževim oljem.