foto Miloš Todorović

My name is Manca and I don’t like cookbooks without pictures.

I started this blog as a platform for sharing good food discoveries.

For more of my photography visit portfolio:


Drop me a line, ask me a question or simply say hi: manca.jevscek@gmail.com


34 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Manca. I have one cookbook without pictures, but it’s only because the design itself and the fonts were utterly beautiful. Other than that, I too like the photos in nice cookbooks. You make great photos too. Cheers!

    • Thanks Brandon! About the tips – I’m always playing with colour and texure of food, so I work on the angle and light of the photo to emphasise it. With the syling I’ve learnt that adding some nice details around the main subject helps toshow the ingredients as well as fill the frame nicely (crumbs, sauce, berries,…). You have a great blog as welll, will be following the future posts.

  2. Ah yes, cookbooks without pictures are not cookbooks they are text books! What better than to flick through beautiful images of food and imagine that you will someday make them, you probably won’t but you might but what you will do is take pleasure from the beautiful pictures and the possibilities….

  3. Hi Manca, stunning photography and lovely recipes! I’ve just got myself a half-decent camera to improve my recipe posts, and was wandering through blogs to get some inspiration and had to stop here and look in detail. I share your issue with cookbook recipes with few pictures – I want to be inspired by how the dish could look just as much as by the list of ingredients or the chef themselves. Keep up the good work :)

  4. Hi Manca, we were browsing through various blogs but your photography really made us stop and take a good look. Even more, the writing matches the images in style and quality. Keep up the good work!

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