Autopilot juggling

Back on track, with schedules and deadlines. Adjusting to the discipline again and feeling the motivation engines humming in the background.  Productive. Important word. The way to productivity is to consciously think about your working habits, observe when, how and why the productive peaks happen. Read this book. The  pace of our lives is forcing us to be on autopilot most of the time. Automated reacting instead of proactive thinking. There are certain theories about the question whose  interest is it to have autopiloted citizens, but that is a discussing for another place and time.

But yes, my point is there is no need to be a slave of automated world bombarding you from all directions and demanding your attention, time and energy. Emails can wait, you know. That is their purpose, phone is ment for emergency answers.  Matters of life and death, broken heart or irreplaceable things. You know the famous juggling balls theory from Coca Cola CEO? This is a successful person with many obligations and responsibilities, saying to you, that work should not be your first priority. Think about it and set your standards, hold the steering wheel and drive. No automatics. Including the food at work…I’m still juggling this one.

If is has to be a sandwich, make it a good one.

sandwich lunch working snack


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