Wild on sugar

Sugar and flowers. With tiny white blossoms. The only thing missing is a dash of pink and washi tapes. I find myself awkward and clumsy in this lady settings, with mud on polished shoes, patches of green grass stains and bruises on my knees. But yet as girly as the elderflower blossoms are, they have their pure wilderness and this is what makes them interesting. Dipping the blossoms in thin pancake batter feels like soaking a paintbrush in paint. But the best comes when releasing it in hot oil where it automatically spreads back into full bloom. Generously sprinkle powder sugar before serving, to retreat their fluffy white quality.
If frying elderflowers seemed like a crime against natural beauty, drowning baby pine sprouts in sugar is kitch overload. Basically, if you add enough  sugar to almost anything, the kids will love it. Even the cough syrup. I once faked a sore throat to my grandma just to get a spoon full of pine syrup. Again, not very lady like. Aside from anti cough properties the syrup is an amazing topping for ice creams, fruit salads and oh, do try it with cottage cheese and blueberries. Preparation takes time, but very little effort. Stack layers of pine sprouts and sugar in a jar, leave sunbathing until the sugar dissolves into syrup. Filter and store for serious sugar drops khm…coughs.
This article is featured in latest edition of Mrvica food mag. Turn to page 8, this issue is another best of in a series of “great content meets pleasure for the eyes”. Immensely happy to be part of the team.

Fried edelflower fritters

pine sprouts syrup


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