Festive spring brunch

The calendar begins now. The one dictating the rhythm of sprouting, repeated pattern following every year serving you what you need and want. According to traditional Chinese medicine our bodies have seasonal, monthly and daily rhythms aligned with tempo of nature. In spring our bodies are running cleaning program and dandelions are offering help to clean your blood and liver. It is also has diuretic properties and helps to flush out the toxins from the body. Besides, bitterly freshness somehow feels right, tastes better now. Bitter is not one of my prefered tastes, but right now this is what I crave for.

Until today dandelions were always prepared as a salad. Quite boring, besides chilly spring requires warm variations. Sauté the dandelions with olive oil and garlic, they will remain bitter, but moist with smoother texture. Cover it with poached egg on toasted bread for a festive brunch.

Poached eggs on dandelions and toast


7 thoughts on “Festive spring brunch

  1. Oh, regrat je super, meni tudi v solati:) všeč mi je tvoja estetika. Ne vem zakaj mi ob njej pride na misel besedna zveza no pussyfooting (niti ne vem točno, kaj pomeni:)) Skratka, zelo všečno.

    • Ola Zulejka,
      sem morala prav poogoglat:’No Pussyfooting’ would be translated as straight to the point, without beating around the bush. Me veseli, da ti je všeč, že raziskujem tvoj blog:)

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