Futile winter attempts

Here it is, the pitch dark winter with twiggy branches in all it’s morbidness. The sun deprived flesh is craving a real raw freshness to take the dull of the bones. The greenhouse grown argula can’t do the summer trick. She feels the same dull feeling under flourescent light – this is not her time to flourish. We need tough vegs in the winter, the lonesome ones, the ones that stay in devastated field.

Sometimes mighty development seems almost absurd, if you look at the absurdity of complexity behind it and the result it brings. I’m talking about the gigantic houses of computer controlled environments which produce tasteless argula. If there is no real taste, why fuss at all? Winter is the time of persistence, patience and not much is left but to hibernate tightly packed. Accepting and adapting to things you can not control can feel defeating, but eventually (and hopefully) we do get to learn when to struggle and when to accept things the way they are. Certainly fighting with Mrs Gaia is futile, and she certainly knows best, nevertheless she’s been here for ages.

Enough with the mumbo jumbo – point is you should use the seasonal stuff you can get at the moment. Here is a combo for suggestion, very simple and accesible, although black radish seems more exotic then…argula in January?

winter salad

Winter black radish, kale and smoked bacon salad

Slice washed and brushed black radish as thin as possible, leave the black skin on. Wash and cut kale leaves, slice out the main thick veins. Blanch the kale leaves for a few seconds and rinse under cold water. Mix kale leaves with black radish, toss in cooked red beans and diced smoked bacon. Sprinkle salt and pepper, and pour pumpkin oil over it generously.


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